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We are dedicated to providing high-performance, innovative insulated Fireproof Panel solutions that not only deliver superior construction efficiencies and lifetime performance, but that are underpinned by extensive 3rd party insurer-approved system fire testing and proven fire performance.

What Underpins the Fire Performance of Insulated Panels?

Large-scale system testing, where a complete wall or roof system build-up is tested, is the most robust way to assess the fire performance of any construction. LPCB and FM Approved insulated panels are subjected to and meet the requirements of rigorous insurance industry large-scale system fire tests.

These Approvals provide objective third-party testing, which is underpinned by quarterly, bi-annual and annual factory surveillance audits (depending on the region) to verify compliance. Independent certification bodies take samples of Aluminum Composite Panels from our factories and send them to their own laboratories for testing to verify ongoing compliance. These independent audits also include assessments of change control, formulations, processing parameters, labelling and internal testing. In Ireland and the UK specifically, we have subjected our key insulated panel products to this rigorous insurance industry large-scale testing over the last 25 years.

In terms of reaction to fire, and in accordance with the Euroclass system, PIR and QuadCore insulated panel systems can be classified as B-s1,d0, which is the highest possible performance for a material that is combustible:

  • B - Very limited contribution to fire and will not lead to flashover

  • s1 - Little or no smoke production

  • d0 - No flaming droplets / particles

In addition, our insulated Fireproof Boards can also offer high levels of fire resistance.

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