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Items highlighted with clear dome stickers can motivate people to come to you, hence, more possible clients can be drawn to you. This product is particularly useful for trophy centers, badges, logos, souvenirs, gift items, and car stickers. Clear dome stickers are particularly useful for names and personalized items in your office or school. These stickers give more value to ordinary items so that they can make more impact on customers and friends. If you are into business, being visible in public is the best way to gather public support and market share. Your strong brand awareness can lead you to more relevant leads and profit.

Then the epoxy dome stickers are the most suitable product for you. Epoxy stickers are made of polyurethane which is poured over each decal in such a technique that it forms a clear dome giving it a high quality 3D appearance. Transparent coating can give your epoxy dome labels an attention seeking "pop" that every one will notice. Epoxy stickers are mostly used on wrappers, cans, bottles, CD bags, envelopes, and folders. On most of the vehicles today, the manufacturer's brand logo is printed on epoxy stickers. Generally Epoxy Stickers are also called as epoxy bubble stickers and epoxy 3D stickers.

PU dome stickers are durable and their three-dimensional appearance catches the eye. Polyurethane dome stickers are very useful in brand promotion, brand identity. PU coating dome stickers are perfect solutions for any business for branding show off their images in different way.

Fridge magnets are environmentally friendly devices and allow to significantly reducing power consumption. The latter circumstance is extremely important given the truly huge number of refrigeration units used by man in various fields of his activity.

Metal labels are often used on equipment or assets that are used in caustic environments, have significant outdoor exposure or are attached to assets susceptible to abrasion. Metal asset labels typically show serial number information, barcodes and text-based information that is either printed, embossed or chemically etched onto the surface of the tag.

License plates are made of metal and are rarely lost or stolen. They are usually only damaged in a car accident. The more secure and durable nature of plates gives them an advantage over placards.

Aluminum's advantages stem from holding its integrity for longer. Aluminium license plates don’t yellow, crack, curl, warp, or break, and they won’t rust or corrode. Screen-printed aluminum auto tags will last a minimum of 5–7 years in terms of the non-fade ink life, and often longer. With aluminum it’s more the non-fade ink life that’s of concern, since the aluminum plate itself can last 10 years or more.

Plastic license plates are cheaper to produce and purchase. That's their advantage, of course. It comes with a tradeoff, though: Tag life for plastic car tags is less than for aluminum.

Just like regular stickers, these beautiful and elegant stickers are easy to use. It is possible to make stickers according to your preferences. In order to make your product more appealing, you should follow a few tips and tricks. On the other hand, you can look up any design online. Using these ideas you can create hologram stickers that stand out.

Warranty void stickers use special technology in the material in production. Once peeling off the sticker, hidden VOID/custom logo or text will show on face material and posted objects, which is obvious proof of tampering. The label can reduce the security risks of shipment and encourage potential buyers to purchase the product with full confidence. What's more, it can reduce the risks of package pilferage or the theft and resale of products.

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