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PCB screw terminal block is used extensively in building wiring for the distribution of electricity - connecting electrical outlets, luminaires and switches to the mains, and for directly connecting major appliances such as clothes dryers and ovens drawing in excess of 15 amperes. PCB screw terminal blocks are commonly used to connect a chassis ground, such as on a record player or surge protector. Most public address systems in buildings also use them for speakers, and sometimes for other outputs and inputs. Alarm systems and building sensor and control systems have traditionally used large numbers of screw terminations.

PCB direct welding screw type terminal block is one of the branches of the whole connector, but its main characteristics are the same. It mainly gives play to its main performance through connection, and plays a relatively large role in different fields. For example, in the power industry, wiring terminal is mainly a plug-in connection equipment, which is mainly used for control and connection. It is also very convenient to use. PCB direct welding screw type terminal block is a basic accessory used to realize electrical connection. It is a fixed part connecting the end points or contacts between wires, appliances and control boards, which is called wiring terminal. The function of PCB direct welding screw type terminal block is to ensure that the electrical connection is firm, safe and beautiful, and improve the convenience and rapidity of electrical installation and maintenance.

Pluggable PCB terminal block with screw lock is a series of products with a push-in-design for connecting wires to the terminal blocks which are used to realize the electrical connection of electronic components. It is usually used in the distribution box, which is more convenient for wiring, and generally bears less power. The pluggable terminal block connector is composed of two parts: one part compresses the wire and then plugs into the other part, which is welded to the PCB board. The mechanical principle of the connection bottom and the anti-vibration design ensure the long-term airtight connection of the product and the use reliability of the finished product.

Pluggable screw free terminal block is a type of terminal block connector which allows faster wiring to the terminal block with the help of push-in wire termination technology. They reduce costly downtime and misconnections. Pluggable terminal block connector is available with screw-cage clamp termination, tubular screw termination, or as card edge connectors. Screw contacts are the most common type of connection method for inserted cables, and the screw often has a small metal plate attached to the end, which allows for gripping of both small and large cables.

Pluggable screw free terminal block for PCB provides a designer with a versatile wire to board connection method. Wires are connected to the terminal block by using a push actuator, a cage clamp then opens up once the actuator has been pushed, and the wire can then be inserted, once the actuator has been let go the cage clamp terminal holds the wire in place. Pluggable screw free terminal blocks for PCB allow for assemblies to be set up quickly and easily, without having to screw the wires into place. This also shortens the time it takes to carry out maintenance, such as replacing old or faulty wires. Cage clamps do not tend to deteriorate as much as wire protector terminal block would and therefore are a slightly more premium product. Screwless terminal blocks can be found in pitch sizes 2.5mm up to 7.62mm pitch.

Pluggable terminal blocks are those that have a cable entry to allow the connection of a wire or cable but a plug output to allow for easy connection to a socket. A pluggable terminal block is composed of a plug and a mating socket. The socket is usually attached to a printed circuit board through pins, and the plug fits into the socket.

The advantages of plug in screwless terminal block for PCB are the easiness of the wire insertion, solid as stranded wires, that guarantees a high retention of the wire as well as optimal contact. Plug in screwless terminal block for PCB could retain the wires with or without push buttons, in other words the use of a special tooling is not needed. Small pitches such as 2.54mm to high pitches until 15mm are available in our product range, in inches as well as their metric equivalent.

Din rail enclosure is a protective case for protecting electrical devices and components. They enable electronic devices to be mounted onto equipment racks. Also known as top hat rail enclosures, din rail enclosures are mounted onto a standard sized metal rail within a rack. The din rail enclosure provides safety and the opportunity to tailor the enclosure to your specific requirements. The enclosures are available in a range of sizes, materials and IP ratings for many different applications.

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