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 A garbage bag is a bagged plastic product used to hold garbage. It can be used alone, but it is generally used with a trash can. Garbage bags are an item to keep clean and clean in households, hospitals, public places and other places. They are in great demand and are used every day. There are many styles of garbage bags on the market, how should we choose?

The common garbage bag shapes are flat mouth type, vest type, and drawstring garbage bag.

The opening of the flat garbage bag is flat. It cannot be carried by hand. When disposing of garbage, you need to pull the side of the opening to tighten it together and then take that part to throw it away. If the garbage in the garbage bag is full, it is inconvenient for us to close the opening tightly, and we can only pull a little garbage to the side of the opening to throw away the garbage. In this way, our hands can easily touch the garbage, and the garbage can easily come out The mouth fell out.


In order to make up for the disadvantages of flat-mouth garbage bags, YG garbage bag making machine manufacturer has developed vest-style garbage bag machines and drawstring garbage bag machines to produce vest-style and drawstring garbage bags.

The vest-style garbage bag has an opening on the basis of the flat-mouth garbage bag. Like a vest, it can be lifted. Therefore, when taking out the garbage, you only need to carry the garbage bag. The area in direct contact with garbage is reduced, and it is very clean and hygienic.


Drawstring garbage bags are also developed along this line of thinking. A rope is passed through the opening on one side of the garbage bag, and a section of rope is exposed at the opposite corners of the opening. When we want to discard the garbage bag, we pull these two sections of rope, and the mouth of the garbage bag will be tightened.



There's so much going on in a tiny trash bag, and even more so on the bottom. The bottom of the garbage bag has star seal, c fold, flat fold and other styles. Of course, when we choose garbage bags, we just choose the ones that are easy to take, and we don’t need to look at the texture of the bottom. YG is a professional plastic processing machine manufacturer, we supplies various kinds of plastic processing machines. Such as plastic container machine,mineral water bottle making machine,PET bottle blowing machine,plastic recycling machine (PET bottle washing line,tire shredding machine,tyre recycling plant)

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