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 We often see these disposable daily necessities when we stay in a hotel: disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers, comb, shampoo, body wash, soap, shower cap and other daily necessities. Open up a disposable shower cap and notice that the plastic wrap is held in place by a length of elastic. And it's the left and right elastic bands, which are nailed together. Unfold a shower cap, which is actually a piece of plastic film with elastic bands on both sides, and then connect the head and tail to form an adjustable hat. So how is the disposable shower cap made? We need to use an automatic disposable bouffant cap machine

In fact, whether it is a plastic shower cap or a non-woven shower cap, you need to use a fully automatic shower cap machine. Using automated equipment, you can make a shower cap at one time.



Here are the steps to make a plastic shower cap or a non-woven shower cap:

Cloth rubber band

The rubber band around the shower cap except for the fabric is stretched and positioned to be sent into the machine as shown in the picture below. The blue in the middle is the fabric, and the white on the sides are the elastic bands. In the role of the crimping machine, the fabric will be crimped and then wrapped around the elastic band. And continue to pass through the heat-sealing wheel in front, and the cloth after curling and the elastic band are welded together. The word welding is mentioned because elastic bands and non-woven fabrics need to be connected together. Welding is not only used on metals, but also processing fabrics and films.

save small fabric

Along the direction of the fabric, we gather the fabric in the middle and fold it slowly, which means that the cross section becomes smaller.

Continue to save and fold, it looks smaller and smaller! Now form a small strip that is folded evenly, like a folding fan, and the rubber bands on both sides are still on the outermost side.



taut fabric

The next step is the difficulty of understanding... how to shrink such a large fabric into a small one. The key is - relax! The elastic bands on both sides were stretched and stretched at first, and then welded to the film. But once it is no longer stretched, the elastic band will rebound, and the film will be shrunk accordingly, and a large strip will be shrunk to the original length of the elastic band. Below you can see how the elastic band is relaxed and the plastic film is shrunk (it should have been wrinkled regularly, but here it can't be done well...).



welding forming

The folded material will continue to pass through the horizontal ultrasonic welding wheel and welded at certain intervals. See the picture below, there is a wheel with a small tail in the middle, no, this is to control the circumference, which is almost the length of a shower cap strip. Such a weld is exactly the common weld of the brims of the two hats. Turn 2 into ∞, and then cut it into o o, then it becomes a ring that can be worn on the head.

Then through the thermoforming wheel, the ∞ is extruded into wavy long strips, and then cut into o o, which becomes strips of relaxed disposable hats~

In addition to disposable shower cap machines, YG also provides Shoe cover making machinePlastic Apron Making MachineFlower Sleeve Bag Making MachineDisposable Slipper Making Machine, ect.

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