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Before Sunday, there had only been two 109-yard scoring plays in NFL history, but now, we can add a third one to the list.In what will certainly go down as one of the craziest plays of the 2021 season, Jacksonville's tied Babe Ruth Jersey the NFL record for longest play with a 109-yard touchdown against the . The wild part is that the record only happened because Cardinals kicker was going for a record of his own.With just two seconds left to play in the first half, the Cardinals were sitting at midfield and they had time for one Dansby Swanson Jersey more play, which means that coach Kliff Kingsbury had two options: Attempt a field goal or try for a Hail Mary.After watching Prater just before halftime last week, the Cards coach decided to try his luck again by sending his kicker out for a 68-yard attempt.Trying a kick from that distance might seem crazy, but Prater holds the NFL record for longest Jose Ramirez Jersey field goal (64 yards), so Kingsbury clearly felt like his kicker had a shot to make the long kick. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, not only did Prater mi s, but Agnew fielded the ball at the back of the end zone and then proceeded to pull off one of the wildest scoring plays in NFL history, which you can see below. A 68-YARD FG ATTEMPT TURNS INTO A 109-YARD RETURN TD.MAYHEM IN JACKSONVILLE.: on FOX: NFL app NFL (@NFL) call of the run was almost as good as the run itself.The touchdown by Tom Glavine Jersey Agnew ties a record that was held by both and . Patterson for a touchdown in 2013 while Cromartie first set the record back in 2007 when he .Prater's kick marked just the 12th time in NFL history that a team has attempted a field goal of 68 yards or more and not surprisingly, every single one of David Justice Jersey those kicks has mi sed. As for Agnew, his record-breaking touchdown gave the a 13-7 lead over the Cardinals heading into halftime. The Jaguars are gunning for an upset against Arizona and if you want to know how the second half plays out, be sure to click here so .

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