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The concept of nonfungible tokens has become increasingly popular of late and now quarterback is getting in on the action. DraftKings Marketplace is the home of Brady's new Autograph platform, which Gio Gonzalez Jersey is now live.Autograph will be releasing Brady's first preseason pa s collection on Wednesday. The platform, which is co-chaired by Brady and entrepreneur Richard Rosenblatt, is giving similar treatment to NFTs from athletes such as Derek Jeter, Wayne Gretzky, Tony Hawk J.A. Happ Jersey and others"NFTs bring an entirely new dimension to the collector experience, and I cannot wait for people to discover and engage with this first ever drop of Autograph's official digital collectibles,"Brady said in a pre s release."We created Autograph as a way forfans and collectors to own a piece Wade Boggs Jersey of iconic moments in sports and entertainment throughauthenticated and official digital collectibles and we are just getting started!" Autograph will be releasing Signature editions of NFTs too, Jacoby Ellsbury Jersey some of which feature authentic digital signatures from Brady, on Friday. There will also be Signature editions that feature digital signatures from Gretzky in the coming weeks.NFTs were created back in 2014 and are unique, digital items that appear online. These items can never be duplicated, so NFT owners have the only items of that specific variety in the world. These items can be anything from digital trading cards, pieces of art to video Babe Ruth Jersey highlights. For fans interested in purchasing the Brady NFTs, they will able to do so on the DraftKings Marketplace digitally -- not in person.

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