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It's that time of the year again, when NFL football returns and all is right with the sports world -- COVID-19 complications aside. But it also means it's time for several head coaches to prove their worth to their respective teams, because not all 32 enter this coming season with Alex Colome Jersey a ton of job security. Some are closer to the executioner's ax than others and, as such, just need a minor level up to keep their job.Others, however, are sitting on the hottest of hot seats and can't afford to have anything other than a dynamic season. So, whose job as an NFL head coach is already in jeopardy? And who's close to it as September gets underway?Well, since you asked:10. Kliff KingsburyYou can argue Kingsbury shouldn't be on any list of hot seat candidates, and you'd be justified in doing so. After all, he's proven he can win games as a first-time NFL head coach -- something Urban Meyer is trying to achieve in Jacksonville -- and the continued development of quarterback is another feather in his cap. That said, it feels more and more like the succe s of the offense boils down to Murray making eye-popping plays after the initial call breaks down, be it due to lack of protection up front or simply a not-great play call.Additionally, it can't be ignored that Kingsbury doesn't have a winning season in three tries, with his best being an 8-8 finish to the 2020 season that saw the Cardinals mi s the playoffs -- lo ses to teams like the , , and the injury-ravaged helping to torpedo their postseason hopes. If the Cardinals don't take the division in 2021 or, at a minimum, make it to the playoffs, you'll look back and understand why Kingsbury is on this list, even if just barely at the moment. 9. Brian FloresYou have to love Flores if you're in the ' locker room and front office, and they do, because he went came to Miami and got things turned around (or so it seems). It was a rough 5-11 start to his coaching career in South Florida, but he bounced back in Year 2 with a 10-6 finish despite unsettled play at the quarterback position. With now gone, it's the show, and this is where the rubber begins to truly meet the road for Flores. For if Tagovailoa doesn't begin showing more consistent positive signs of being a franchise QB, it's Flores who'll feel the brunt of the organization's disappointment. That is unle s they actually do stun the NFL and -- having zero guarantees he'll be allowed to take the field anytime soon.Kudos to Flores and the Dolphins for working things out with All James McCann Jersey -Pro cornerback -- something that could only help the outcome of the 2021 season -- but it's what Tagovailoa does or doesn't do that'll have the biggest impact on Flores' future. After all, Tagovailoa was his draft pick, and any regre sion in the coming season (for the QB and/or team as a whole) will create uncomfortable conversations in the Dolphins' front office.8. Mike ZimmerEven more beloved in his city is Zimmer, and he's also the longest-tenured coach on this list. But for as great as the latter part of that sentence is, it also comes with a fairly reasonable question: where's the hardware? Zimmer is a great coach and an even better human being, but he's been with the for seven seasons going into 2021 -- the team has made it as far as the conference championship (2017) -- but they've since mi sed the playoffs in two of their last three seasons and finished 2020 with a disappointing record of 7-9. What Zimmer is able to do going forward will be interesting and mostly tied to his defense -- once regularly in the top 10 but one that finished fourth-worst in the league in points allowed last season. For a defensive-minded coach like Zimmer, that simply will not do, nor will the front office deem it acceptable. Nobody is carving Melky Cabrera Jersey his name into an NFL tombstone just yet, and Zimmer can easily moonwalk off of this list this coming season, but to pretend he's 100% safe in Minnesota isn't realistic.7. Zac TaylorYou likely won't hear much about Taylor entering this season on the hot seat, mostly because the team's ownership has proven it will stick with a coach for years and years before finally waking up to what's going on. Taylor is hoping to avoid a long run in Cincinnati that's fueled primarily by being "the familiar evil." Instead, he wants it driven by winning games, and a lot of them. He better get to work then, because things won't get any easier in the brutally tough AFC North. Former first-overall pick is back from a devastating season-ending knee injury suffered in 2020, and the club used their first pick in this year's draft on , but the latter is off to a curious start in August. Kudos to Taylor and the for making moves to strengthen their offensive line in free agency, because it'll go a long way in (maybe) helping Cinci string together some wins.With Taylor entering Year 3, the turnaround the Bengals expected to happen after parting ways with Marvin Lewis simply hasn't yet. The club is 6-25-1 in its first two years under Taylor, finishing last in the division on both occasions and relying on a defense that's been near the bottom in points allowed. It's a pivotal year for Taylor, or at least it should be -- if team ownership is truly paying attention. 6. Mike McCarthyThe would have you believe McCarthy's rear end isn't heating up, and they're right, at least at the moment in which this article Avisail Garcia Jersey is being written. Make no mistake about it, though: if the Cowboys flounder again in 2021, McCarthy better show up to work wearing ice packs in his jeans. The truth of the matter is this: owner Jerry Jones and Co. are all forgiving McCarthy for the disappointing 6-10 season because COVID-19 derailed the offseason and injuries to star players, including two-time Pro Bowl quarterback , ravaged the roster. Well, Prescott is now 100% healthy, as is starting tight end and offensive Yermin Mercedes Jersey linemen and ( is dealing with stingers but is expected to play in Week 1). Add in another year of development from wideout , and the offense is set to do a ton of damage.The bigger concern is the defense -- one that was franchise-worst in several categories in 2020 thanks to the now-fired defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. But while Dan Quinn looks like he'll hit the ground running in 2021, the decision to choose Nolan in the first place is a ma sive black eye to McCarthy's decision-making, and one that won't go away just by throwing a bag of peas on it. There are no excuses for McCarthy this coming season, and he'll see the aforementioned forgivene s vanish if he doesn't deliver at least a playoff win.5. Matt RhuleThere's a theme developing here, and it's just how important a franchise QB is to the tenure of his head coach. Rhule walked into Charlotte with a lot of excitement surrounding him, but the shine is rapidly wearing off. He'll enter Year 2 coming off of a 5-11 finish that, at one point, included a five-game losing streak as the Panthers tried to figure out if was truly the answer at QB1 -- only to discover he wasn't. With

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