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When the NFL announced on Tuesday, there were three players named to the AFC team, but none of them were named , which is notable, because it marks the first time in more than a decade that Brady wasn't selected to play in the game.The Pro Bowl players are selected by votes that come from fans, players and coaches, with each group's vote counting one-third toward the final total. For 10 straight years, Brandon Saad Jersey Brady had cracked the roster, but that streak came to an end this week after , and were voted to be the AFC's quarterbacks.The last time Brady didn't get voted to the Pro Bowl roster came Brandon Manning Jersey in 2008, when he mi sed nearly the entire season after tearing his ACL in New England's regular season opener. If we take injuries out of the equation, the last time Brady didn't get voted to the game came in 2006 when the threw for just 3,529 yards and 24 touchdowns over 16 games (To put that in perspective, Brady topped both those numbers Duncan Keith Jersey in 2016, even though he was suspended for four games).The Patriots offense has been struggling all season, so it's no surprise that Brady didn't get a Pro Bowl nod this year.If Brady had been voted to the Pro Bowl this year, he would have set the NFL record for most times getting selected to the game with 15. However, since he got left out, that means Brady has only been voted to the Pro Bowl Jonathan Toews Jersey 14 times, which is tied with Tony Gonzalez, , Bruce Matthews and Merlin Olsen for the all-time record. Of course, even if Brady had been selected to the Pro Bowl, he almost certainly wouldn't have played. Although he's been voted to the game in each of the past 10 years, Brady hasn't actually played in the game since 2005.Although Brady didn't get voted to the Pro Bowl, three of his Patriots teammates did get selected and those players were , and .Brady's 10-year streak of being voted into the Pro Bowl wasn't the only one that was snapped on Tuesday. The didn't have any David Kampf Jersey players selected to play in the game, marking didn't have a single player named to the Pro Bowl roster. For a full look at this year's Pro Bowl roster (and snubs), .

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