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safety was fined $21,000 for his hit on in Sunday's win over the , . Thomas knocked the Steelers' quarterback out with a concu sion, even though Paul Worrilow Jersey Rudolph did walk off under his own power after being down for several minutes.Thomas wasn't initially flagged, but he was later a se sed with a penalty for roughing the pa ser. He apologized to Rudolph for the hit, saying it wasn't Wendell Smallwood Jersey intentional. He also plans to appeal the fine."I shot him a text, I didn't get a reply," Thomas said earlier in the week, . "But if he sees this, know that it wasn't intentional Wes Hopkins Jersey . I was just playing football. I was just trying to get my head acro s and hit the strike zone. Unfortunately, that's the nature of the sport. I never want to do that to anybody."Rudolph was a limited participant in practice this week for the Steelers, a surprising revelation given the nature of his hit. He has Fletcher Cox Jersey yet to be cleared from the concu sion protocol and its unclear whether he'll play against the ."I see Earl trying to pull off. There's no question about it when you watch the tape," said Ravens head coach John Harbaugh on Thomas's hit. "He goes in there, and as he gets close, he's running to the ball. Mason is scrambling and going, and Thomas is running to the ball, playing fast, and he tries to pull out. It's clear. "So I respect him for that. It's Ron Jaworski Jersey just an unfortunate collision."

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