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FOXBOROUGH, Ma s. -- made the rookie mistake of testing an All-Pro veteran not once, but multiple times on Thursday night.In the ' 35-14 defeat at the hands of the , the No. 6 overall pick decided to throw in the direction of New England's , who is in the conversations for the league's best corner. Spoiler: It didn't go well for the Duke product.Gilmore was Sonny Gray Jersey able to breakup four pa ses on the night, recorded an interception and one of those four breakups also led to a interception in what was an absolutely dominant effort. "He threw it me the first play," Gilmore . "I'm like, 'OK, it's going Brian Roberts Jersey to be this type of game.' So, I was happy he kept throwing. Just keep making plays." Jones decided to go continually go at Gilmore over the course of the night which was puzzling to Patriots linebacker , who was able to pick up a Daniel Jones fumble for a touchdown of his own. "Yeah, he's tripping," Van Noy said when asked if he was surprised when Jones continued to attack Gilmore. Jones was 15-of-31 on the the night for 161 yards, a touchdown and three interceptions. Along with Gilmore Masahiro Tanaka Jersey and Simon, safety was able to come down with a pick."I think there was a little confusion," Van Noy said of Jones facing this stout New England defense. "He held the ball at times."While Jones did turn the ball over, he also had a 64-yard touchdown throw to and had the Aroldis Chapman Jersey Giants in this game all the way until the fourth quarter. He did that without the likes of injured running backs and along with tight end and receiver . That effort, while it came with a defeat this time, Paul O'Neill Jersey has seemingly earned the respect of Van Noy and the Patriots. "He has good potential," the linebacker said. "He's going to be good. I mean, he's a big kid, he's fast, has a good arm, I think he'll be pretty good."High praise from one of the leader on what is on pace to be an all-time defense.

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